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Wilmont St. Cyr

W St Cyr, was born in Barbados and came from humble beginnings. He later enrolled into the military and was a talented sportsman after serving for some years. But later his life made a dramatic turn, when he was incarcerated for over eight years for gun possession. This was then seen as the dark cloud of his life, a turning point. Determined to turn a different chapter in what he saw as bad choices and human misfortune, he took the pen up.

Writing under the most difficult circumstances, the author created several works including an autobiography and three books, one of them, the exciting and most talked about movie type Barbadian crime thriller 'Fields of Death,' a novel based on the canefield murders and serious crime in the caribbean.

The inception of his writing was over seven years ago, but his first novel 'Fields of Death,' along with three other unpublished books were written in a span of five years. He believes like the fabled poets of Arabia, his writing evolved from the spirit world, and his work is known in some sense to be prophetic and almost factually although fictional. So relevant to a comtemporary carribean, his book Fields of Death has arrested the minds of many a readers locally and abroad. First inspired to write by his brother Lewin, he also contributes his ability to pen from being thought orally by an old wise teacher and adept Lyme Rowe, who forever lives on in his memory.

Now a motivator and inspirational figure, author W St Cyr has brought a revolution to caribbean fiction, with a gritty, bold, suspenceful and exciting way of writing displayed in his first published novel 'Fields of Death'...he has awoken not only the minds of the ardent book lovers, but the average man on the streets to read.

W St Cyr invites the reader to travel on many a journey, into his picturesque, descriptive world of writing where he creates some of the most gravitating and realistic stories ever written in this hemisphere...arresting the minds of his readers, he seeks to open our hearts to the whims of change and the dynamism of a diverse human existence, it's fortunes and misfortunes, for such is the world we live. Such is life.