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Production Services

So, you have finished your manuscript. What is next?

Depending on the type of book you have written you may need some or all of the following services. We have partnered with experts in these fields to give you the tools you need to succeed. Choose which ones are right for you; we will tailor our service to your needs.

Book Editing

Editors refine the content of your book. From fixing typos to restructuring sentences for easier reading and more, editors can be the difference between a book that is okay and a book that is excellent.

Cover Design

An attractive cover design is an essential part of getting readers to notice your book and to read the blurb instead of passing it by.

Interior Book Design

Includes typesetting and laying out elements in the book to make it easier to read. Every professionally published book goes through this process.


Common in children’s books and for representing ideas visually, illustrations can bring your book to life.

eBook Conversion

eBooks are a popular format for today’s readers and can increase your sales globally.
*This service is currently only available for print-on-demand and distribution customers. Learn more… (link to eConversion page)

Audiobook Production

Audiobooks are popular with certain crowds especially for text-heavy novels, biographies and self-help genres.



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