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Fields of Death
by Wilmont St. Cyr

‘The realism of the narrative makes you forget it’s fiction. This tale will take you to unexpected emotional depths. You won’t read it just once.’
Tiesha Hinds - The mix, CBC Barbados

'A gripping novel ... keeps you on the edge of your seat ... it’s a must read ...’
BimROCK Magazine

The 'Fields of death,' a story based on the canefield murders which occurred on the island some years ago, at various periods in time, and we believe dating back to a colonial Barbados.


Detective Inspector Neil 'the x man' Boyce, head of the special homicide division, a father, and avid thinker, investigates the escalating gun related murders in a modern day Barbados, usually known as a peaceful and exotic Caribbean island.

His unit's successful investigations were bringing about some solace to the troubling crimes on the tourist destination, and things were looking up....until the unexpected discovery of a young female's body in a sugar cane-field, which invoked an unforgettable, yet, hidden past of similar gruesome crimes committed on the island before.

Special homicide division under his command were eventually ordered to investigate the cases after more bodies were discovered with a similar modus, but as a workload of gun-related homicides piled up for police again, a serial killer was in the midst of a society not familiar with the level of crimes he committed, and especially by an unsuspected offender...

A Greek tourist, Vladimer Kentoss, ex decorated British soldier and drifter, who is sought after by Scotland yard, and on INTERPOL's most wanted list of transnational criminals, visits the island his past relative once lived; a great grandfather called the 'Greek,' of whom he imitates his crimes.

Unknowing to the island's law enforcement, he is responsible for a number of gruesome cult like murders that puzzle the authorities....

While juggling his hectic job, and trying to guide, and raise his young son from a past relationship, 'the x man' Inspector Boyce, struggles to unravel the mystery behind the heartbreaking killings.

From the ravishing countryside on the island, to its urban districts, the Fields of death paints a touching crime story, of a historical and modern day Barbados like never before...resurrecting the horrid realities of crimes committed in the lustrous cane-fields dotting its landscape, and the ever worrying escalating gun crimes on the beautiful contemporary Caribbean island.

Filled with suspense, drama, and emotions, the story will keep you glued to the pages, while sitting on the edge of your seats.