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by Hardford Howell

A political crime thriller, set on the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados. The Head of Government is shot on his return from an official visit overseas. Who is behind the assassination attempt and how will they benefit from undertaking such a dastardly act? What’s at stake for several individuals, should the Head of Government die or be unable to recover sufficiently to lead his party into the next General Election, due within nine months? An entertaining, fast-paced novel about politics, power, prestige, and personal gain. Ambition and greed play their role in the intrigue, as national law enforcement and security agencies, led by Barbados Intelligence Bureau (BIB) operatives, seek to find those responsible. The pursuit is relentless, at times unconventional, but always legal. The culprits may surprise you. Will they be brought to justice? The twists and turns are many along the way…

Language: English
ISBN-10: 9769587494
ISBN-13: 978-9769587496
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